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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.
This will all work again soon, surprisingly all the files are still where Jimstone.is was and only the domain does not work so I am transferring everything now.



There are externally induced problems. FOR THE LATEST PAGE, ADD THE MONTH AND DAY PLUS .HTML TO THE ADDRESS BAR without spaces , AS IN /318.html, april 1 would be /41.html On March 19, change the 8 to a 9, on march 20 change the 19 to a 20, on April 1, change the whole number 41, etc. until I figure out how to get this particular server to get this right You can also hit Voterig.com for as long as it works, and it will automatically land you on the right page, for as long as it works.

Trump to be arrested on Tuesday

NOT a hoax

I thought this had to be a hoax, but it is not, Trump really did tweet this. In this tweet, we see the proper 2017 state of the union address, delivered 5 years too late.
Donald J. Trump

An absolute champion AI has been assigned to screw with this site

1. Random selection of when the no-cache statements work.
2. Random deletion, dropping, and insertion of typed text you never wrote where it was put.
3. Random insertion and deletion of commands.
4. Actual changing of files during transfer.
To catch this, I intentionally created 6 identical files and transferred them one by one, watching the parity. Files 4,5,and 6 had the parity change, so I looked through them and saw one of the commands had changed. It was not my imagination, it was a total bust of whatever did that. That type of thing is an overt attempt to ruin people that took skill and intent to catch.
5. When files are changed, create false file name as "saved" to make me think I screwed up, when false created file name, still showing in the save bar, does not appear in the desktop or online directory but changed files with correct names appear in online directory and I am uploading identical files with different names (caught this with parity check), went to look, and dayum, it really did do that.
6. Sneaky icon movement to make me think I uploaded the wrong file when even the wrong file does not appear in target directory after transfering it because only the icons changed place. This created no problem but I sure noticed it.
7. Listing of totally available and most commonly used "essential" software in software repositories as "unavailable" across all repositories.
8. Intentional intercept of properly written re-directs to simply make it "not work".
9. Re writing of Centos directory trees to the most obscure possible "default" directories on record anywhere to make administration a bitch. I figured it out, it's always option 5 when it should ALWAYS be option 1.

I am not stupid, and NEVER HAVE EVEN ONE (1) of these problems when not being messed with.

Abuse of AI to eff with people is going to be absolute mayhem, HEADS UP: if you do ANYTHING to not have a perfect social credit score, even telling your kids to not go trans, this will likely eventually happen to you in other ways, NOTHING is going to work, and it will always be made to look like your own error.

This will not be limited to the web - There are going to be lots and lots of "drunk drivers" crashing their cars at speeds above where the governor is set.

The Aptera does not look so far fetched anymore

14,600 miles of range solar only per year, 0-60 in 4 seconds, back area big enough to camp in. If electric goes this way, it is going to backfire on the so-called "elite" BIG TIME.
I can honestly state that if it goes this way, gasoline really will become stupid. This thing charges so fast that if you for some reason run out of juice, a 15 minute charge at a Tesla station will get you home, 50 miles away. As is, if parked properly the solar panels give more range than most people drive per year, making driving totally free, especially since they can charge up so much that you'll always be running with 400+ miles of range.
Yes, I would buy this.

One important bragging point I have: The Aptera as currently designed has the same range (solar only) per year as I have always stated is possible, and unlike what I have said is possible, it is done with style. I always figured it would have to look stupid.

The aptera does look different, but it does not look stupid. There are no rear seats as of now, but there certainly could be.

NEW: Bookmark this IP address, it appears I am banned by Spamhaus from having domain names.

That got me off my butt to solve problems and get a real server going again. You will not be able to get to this site soon if you do not know the IP address, I set it up to automatically land you here but that will stop working when "they" decide to cut it.

There is a lot on this page on this topic regarding this site and others in alt media. Scroll down.

Russia killed an American drone with down draft

Update: The video released by the Pentagon is a diversity hire fake. Just not good at those things anymore. The video is as described, however at the end the propeller is bent and it's a different propeller. After the "collision" the screen goes to color bars, and when it returns, The yellow lines on the propeller are gone. OOPS!!
I still think the Russians crashed it with down draft so they could go get it without it totally smashed or blown up. We will have to take a second look at that propeller then to confirm if the video really was faked. original post follows
The Pentagon released footage showing the Russian jet flying past it repeatedly, dumping fuel on it and attempting to break it up with downdraft from the wings. It worked. Russia actually is right here, because if the US is not officially at war the drone was supposed to have a transponder and it did not. Russia did not shoot it down, nor did their jet collide with it, which is good for Russia because Russia is now very financially stressed and did not have to waste a missile.

The U.S. Army released a patriotic commercial to get people to die for Israel and Ukraine

No one bought it. The comments on the video are epic. My favorites: "That's a nice history lesson, about a country that does not exist anymore". And: "When they are asking you to die, suddenly it's all white men in the commercial". Alex has it all captured and preserved, See this.


Spamhaus blacklisted and banned jimstonesingapore.com in 20 hours flat!

They probably wiped out Jimstone.is also, and the other host gave no warning.

As I have said all along, spamhaus is fraudulent.

How could Spamhaus list jimstonesingapore.com as a spamming site when I never set up a mailbox there?? It's called FRAUD.

The new host wants me to get on cloudflare to avoid problems, (with cloudflare Spamhaus will back off) but cloudflare is ANOTHER ONE I warned everyone about for the exact same reason! So direct IP it is.

Want proof I am real? There it is. Who else has troubles like this, and stays online to tell about it? Other web sites that have vanished may have died the same way so I was not the only legit thing out there . . . . . but the crowd is thinning out.

People need to start getting very suspicious of sites that are having no problems, remember, real raw news and subsequent clones went to the msm saying they specialize in writing fake news that sounds real . . . . . and idiots keep re-posting that crap.

By the way, if you want to get ahold of me set up a box at Tutanota, that way Spamhaus cannot block it, I am getting zero mails from anyone outside of Tutanota.

This page is current as of March 15 2023 For the latest page, Click Here.

Miles Guo has been taken out

He's the chinese billionaire who exposed Hunter Biden and more. He had Gnews.com. The grounds for taking him out is that he had a ferarri and a yacht. The FED claims he took donations to Gnews and spent them on that. PROBLEM: Billionaires have ferarris and yachts, Guo no doubt put more of his own money into Gnews than the donors did.

They are taking out legit alt media one by one. Project Veritas. Infowars with a huge lawsuit. Miles Guo on charges as legit as ME being taken out by Spamhaus for "spamming". It's all bullshit and they are making their move now. There's no doubt they nailed Claudia and used her as a tool of destruction, I'm only still here because of sweat, salt and vinegar. Who will be next? David Icke? Even the case against Miscavige falls into this category, I don't like him but the "elite" hated his guts for totally different reasons. Meanwhile, whatshisface Tucker at FOX is made the "hero". He's one of "them" being allowed to "speak up about January 6th" to make everyone believe a "legitimate voice" is allowed to be heard. He's not legit, Miles Guo was. O'Keefe was. Alex was. That is what the target is, if you have a spot in the MSM you're a tool. What the hell does January 6 mean in contrast with the devastation of the Corona shot or even Sandy Hook? It does not mean jack, so they can play the tapes and scream "Look, years after it happened we'll finally be saying what alt media has said all along and everyone already knows because WE ARE GREAT, throw Miles and Alex under the bus!!!. Then . . . silence.

On another note: They definitely assigned an AI to prevent me from getting the new dedicated IP server going.

Lucky I chose Centos because I can't be fooled with that. ANYWAY, To use such a server you need two apps, Putty and Filezilla. You need Putty to install Apache which actually serves the web. They put an AI in the way after photographing and registering my number at Wal Mart so they know it's me - they have the AI screw with anything done via my internet connection and it sat there and "learned" everything I do to exist, an everything I'll need. So Putty and Filezilla would not work via any repositories, which is how it is done. I got filezilla to work by downloading it outside of all the repositories and executing it straight off the desktop IN LINUX which took some skill to do.
I managed to get PUTTY to run by fooling the AI with an old copy of Windows 10 that came inside this computer I bought for $65.00 and never used, (I just cut straight to Linux to make this old thing run decent). It managed to run PUTTY on Windows 10 which I then set up the server with. To be clear: I could look right at what I needed in the repository, and got a false message: NOT AVAILABLE. You mean to tell me Putty is NOT AVAILABLE????HA HA HA, and ditto for filezilla. Across all repositories. It took an AI to pull that crap, I got both off random web sites and got lucky with no viruses.
I am confident there are very few people that could have handled getting messed with like that. It's difficult enough to get a real server going when you were not prepared to do it, without having an AI tripping up every step. I was lucky to be familiar enough with the process to be able to state with 100 percent certainty "That's F^^ery going on right there. How do I get around that???"

Ridiculous fast food prices (unforgivable!!)

Take a look at the current prices at Popeye's
And then take a look at the prices at Outback Steakhouse
Where would you rather eat if you have to drop real money? WOW, Tim Hortons is still amazingly priced. They are a Canadian chain. if you ever see one, go there. Top notch. Their business model is excellent quality at stampede prices, make enough.

Jimstone.is has been taken away.

Direct IP is now set up again. Thanks SpamHaus!!! (except for the wasted Bitcoin that is . . . . . )


Thanks to the bitcoin donations I am running on new servers. However, it is now depleted so my ability to handle more disasters is limited.

I had jimstone.is and Voterig.com both loaded with enough bitcoin funds to keep them going for years, nonrefundable of course. That was a loss. The basic server at jimstonesingapore.com is paid for one year, and the main one I can't get working is paid for 2 years. I'll get that going most likely because I managed to simply run filezilla off the desktop without using the linux updater and am using it to transfer files now. But if those two new servers also get taken, I'll need more coin to jump elsewhere. Thanks!


Land records across America sold to foreign powers??

This appears to be an insanely important report

From Timothy Charles "one man away from Trump"

Evidence has been uncovered that shows agents of a foreign power are stealing the land records in Minnesota (and across the United States), in what appears to be an operation that began in the 1990's - and has been executed with military precision.
"They are stealing all of our records," said Randi Lynn Erickson, a licensed abstractor, Notary, and former Truth and Taxation judge for the State of Minnesota.
Minnesota state statute requires Erickson, who has an oath to Public Trust, report any concerns of illegal activity, first internally, and then, to the legislature.
But time may be running out.
The oath that binds Erickson to the U.S. Constitution has been systemically removed as many officials are no longer bound by oath and are not required to swear an allegiance to the United States.
The revelations brought to light by Erickson appear to be a national emergency that has been kept well hidden from the American public.
After learning details from Erickson, the investigation branched out.
There are several County Recorders in Minnesota who were willing to talk on the condition of anonymity.
"If they steal all the land records - commerce across the whole country will completely shut down," one County Recorder in Minnesota said.
My comment: A great way to accomplish "You will own nothing and be happy".

That's about 5 percent of a very lengthy report, I suggest giving it a good look. It wanders after a while, but has very valuable info.

Project Veritas -

They just lost a large number of journalists today, who walked out over controls put in place after they booted OKeefe. In other words, Project Veritas got infiltrated by the same pukes that dominate the MSM, who were laying in hiding until it was time to jump up and yell "Surprise, you're all toast" to all the real journalists. The trigger was obviously the pfizer bust, we all know what is going on with that now but Project Veritas is gone I hope his new effort succeeds.
Project veritas proved, as it's ultimate message, that you can't keep anything safe from kikedom, they'll always find a way. I am actually surprised, someone let their guard down and if that fell the only ones who will make it in alt media are loners who trust absolutely no one, and loners are limited simply because due to the need for anonymity there's no way they can pull off the stuff project veritas did. Everyone knows what OKeefe looks like, they needed stealth and they had it. Too bad it's over, and Alex won't be able to help much after all those BS lawsuits . . . . . .

New today: O'Keefe media group.

Here is my response to Jimstone.is being taken away, and I am sure Singapore won't mind it a bit!


When I was in the NSA, it was done practically only one way: by hiding in plain sight. Here is what was done:
The NSA would load up container freight boxes with their hardware, disguise the contents as being for a company, preferably a telecommunications firm, and then simply drive them to where they wanted them placed. If they got pulled over and inspected they'd pass, no one knows what telecommunications hardware looks like especially since the NSA literally is that. They, almost unilaterally, wanted them placed on top of mountains that were within eyeshot of important military installations and important civilian areas, where communications could be intercepted.
100 percent of the time, the equipment would be placed where other antennas already existed. In other words, when you look at the tops of mountains anywhere in the world, you'll see antennas up in the mountains. These are expected, and provide perfect cover for the NSA's own antennas. In most countries, no one knows who's stuff is who's, so once the NSA is in place, an endless stream of people could go up to the mountain tops to do maintenance, look right at the NSA's antennas and never bat an eye, expecting them to belong to "some other company".
In the NSA's case however, there will be someone manning the equipment 24/7 which is why container freight boxes get placed - they provide concealment and are left on top of the mountains often enough so suspicions are not raised. Usually the containers will have something under them that has been dug out for more space.
So who keeps the containers stocked? Not the marines, the occupants stock the containers themselves or receive shipments to them when it is determined to be safe. They don't like to be penned up as much as they are, and often get out and go into the surrounding areas as tourists who "are just hiking back in the mountains". So obviously, if you want to bust the NSA, you have to keep a keen eye open looking for super fit tourists who go hiking in the mountains a lot. When I was in the NSA I communicated with these people occasionally just to keep them from dying of boredom, sometimes it's only one guy and the post is similar to solitary confinement. Other times there will be groups and they'll fare better mentally. One time one of the people came back from Iran and he was pissed at me for not communicating more. But I had a large number of responsibilities and talking to him was not one of them, it was only done when there was time.
To locate the assets on your turf: Pay close attention to any tourist hikers. Pay close attention to ALL ANTENNA FIELDS, EVERYWHERE and keep an inventory of who is actually registered with the government to be there while keeping in mind that sometimes the NSA accomplishes that, the big key is whether or not people are there.. Inspect ALL antenna fields, including opening all containers or structures and getting down to the nitty gritty of what is actually in them. Pay attention to secret hatches, and around all antenna fields do a close inspection for alternative entrances that may have been dug down the slope a ways, as a way to get to the container without being noticed.
A lot of the NSA's technology mission has changed since I was there, but methods such as placing people the way I have described will not have changed. now, instead of giant magnetic media and satellite uplinks they'll be far more likely to be smuggling data on multiple terabyte SD devices. Those will now absolutely stomp magnetic media, what used to weigh a thousand pounds could now be stuffed in a shirt pocket with ease. If they are not busted where they work, the data theft simply cannot be stopped anymore, it is far too easy to hide.
Lasers are used. The NSA listens. That's their job, the NSA totally avoids transmitting where possible. And to conceal transmissions, many many times lasers are used, in wavelengths that are not visible. As soon as you transmit in the EM spectrum, you subject yourself to the possibility of intercept no matter how good and directional your antennas are, and an intercept means your cover is blown. So high quality lasers that don't spread much over distance are a key item in the tool box, and were used when I was there. Even back then, a laser connection could do a hell of a lot, far more than any wired connection.
Laser connections will allow a small installation to intercept massive amounts of data in the EM spectrum, which will then be beamed out via laser to a reciever up to 10 miles away, from which the data is subsequently re-transmitted without giving up the location of where it was intercepted. This is quite hard to deal with, however, receiver stations can be embedded in hillsides that have thick vegetation. A small opening in the vegetation measuring only a couple feet across will be made, after which there will be a "natural" opening that looks like an animal burrow or cave entrance that houses the laser reciever.

HEY ASSHOLES, DO YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUE, OR ARE YOU INSTEAD GOING TO OPT TO RESTORE THAT SERVER, PLUS ALLOW THE NEW ONE TO WORK? I am sure all your targets, from Albania to Zimbabwe will be interested in this shit!!!

That said, the reciever could also be placed in a high rise, if the surrounding apartments have beer guts and widows, how the hell would anything be detected? You'd have to do a door to door search, while the West screams about "human rights violations".
I trumped Snowden BIG TIME. You know that, TRY ME.
The bottom line is that once it goes laser, things get difficult.
The laser receivers can sense when something is placed in the beam also, and this was true a long time ago. If you find a way to sample one, be aware of that, yes, after it goes a mile you can strip off some of the signal without blocking the beam but it will be noticed on the recieving end. They'll still get the entire signal but the drop in strength will be noticed, that is watched for. The NSA will also make sure the beam is high in the air, going from a high point to a high point to make it damn difficult to sample, really the only place it is feasible is where the reciever is and if you know that, why not bother it?
I have a whole smorgasboard of crap I can post once I remember it. How about that server??? Did I ever post this stuff before??? NO. There is no way to contact them, Claudia has that and they have no phone number so I cannot do it that way..

I need to try to change servers away from orangewebsite. There is enough bitcoin to do something basic but if anyone could drop a little more in it would probably help.

contact: genghisclau@tutanota.com

Stablecoin is having problems now that banks are failing

Stablecoin: The value never changes. Put your savings here, you'll be fine . . . . . until everyone tries to get their money out at once and it turns out stablecoin was being run fractionally, like any other rock solid Jewish bank.
Banking, from a fractional perspective: Let's run this until we get busted. We can steal 90 percent of the total value of a society with ease, probably for 100 years before it all blows. How much money is that?? Enough to build a safe haven somewhere, to say the least, we'll be fine!

Drudge posting abject fraud

When crap like this happens, you know "they" are prepping the world for war.

Remember a while back when one of the observatories in Hawaii captured green laser light coming down from a satellite? Immediately the con artist MSM said it was China probing Hawaii with their satellites. Astronomers immediately went over their own satellite data and said it was Nasa's surveying satellite IceSat2 getting ground readings due to an ongoing volcanic eruption.
British rag "The Sun" then posted a report YESTERDAY showing the exact same images and again claiming it was a chinese satellite getting readings before a hypersonic missile attack was to be launched. that's stupid, but it must be made note of because there's a motive behind the stupidity, they did not post that for nothing.

Here is the real story behind the lasers that showed up on observatory cameras:

The heavenly show took place on January 28. For several seconds, a series of green stripes was observed in the sky over the Hawaiian volcano Mauna Kea. They flashed one after another, and then everything stopped. Later, astronomers were able to determine the source of their origin. The beams were created by the NASA-owned ICESat-2 satellite.
ICESat-2 was launched in 2018 and it is in a 480-kilometer near-Earth orbit. The satellite is designed to track changes in the Earth's ice cover, as well as study topography, vegetation and cloud cover. For this, it uses an ATLAS laser altimeter.
ATLAS is one of the most powerful tools of its class ever launched into space. It emits laser pulses at a wavelength of 532 nm, corresponding to green light.
In total, the tool is able to produce up to 10 thousand pulses per second and take measurements every 0.7 meters of the earth's surface. By measuring the time it takes for the laser beams to return to the satellite, scientists can determine what changes have occurred on Earth. It was ATLAS that made the green rays that got on the Subaru photo.

Nasa sent Icesat2 over Hawaii to monitor ground swelling caused by a recent eruption, and that is all there is to this story. Now leftist con artist rags that want to get people to support a war are lying about this to stoke fear and hopefully agression in the populace.

REMEMBER: It was the astronomers, who know where all the satellites are (because satellites mess with observatory photos) who said it was IceSat 2.

That's undeniable credibility, and a story that won't change no matter what warmongering leftist rag or mouthpiece claims.

There is absolutely no way Drudge or The Sun were this stupid, this is an abject lie stated with a purpose and then repeated so it sticks in the public conscience. Like "Trumps fraudulent election theft claims" that are not fraudulent at all, it was already stated what this satellite was months ago, yet today, Drudge ran it fresh, hoping the lie sticks:

I believe the fact that both the Sun and Drudge were dishonest enough to publish this at this time is significant, the fact that it was IceSat2 was well noted and published widely enough for this report in the SUN to not be an error, and Drudge re-posting to not be an error - this was intentional, why was it done? Probable answer:
Because it appears a pre-planned bank collapse is underway right when this hoax is being re-done, a collapse that would require another world war to really cement in changes the "elite" want - and this would be prep work. They want the kiddies scared.

Mexican President Obrador wants to tell Mexicans in America to vote Democrat

That would be unwise, because Democrats in the United States totally despise everything Obrador stands for. Obrador's sentiment is understandable however, because it was Republicans that proposed using the United States military to "blow the cartels away" on Mexican turf. That would be a serious violation of national soverignty that any national president should not ignore, and Obrador is 100 percent correct in stating that any political body that would ever state such a thing should be removed from power. A catch-22. Damned with dems if you do, soverignty violated if you don't.
I don't know what Mexico would do if the United States simply started attacking, the only asset Mexico has is a large nuclear reactor they could make dirty bombs with, in context with the United States there's no military to speak of, Mexico has no fighter jets. Mexico's military is mostly focused on handling cartels and nations to the south, which it is perfectly adequate for, Mexico never guessed it would be attacked from the North!!

There is simply no good answer for that possible.


A general comment about the bank failures

Silicon Valley Bank paid out huge bonuses to top people minutes before the "collapse" that was therefore obviously planned. The FDIC will protect the small people but anyone big who was there won't get enough to make a difference, they are toast. Some big companies will go down over this.
Rumor has it that the dominoes will now fall and that from the ashes a new government cryptocurrency will be born, but we will have to wait and see because before that happens everyone has to be on board, at this point we might just be looking at a lone case of corporate greed/scam/whatever. Bonuses paid minutes before the collapse???? RIGHT.

Look people, a lot of bullshit gets spewed in alt media which is something I try to avoid. I WAS RIGHT ABOUT FORT DETRIK

When have you ever seen this site push the wuhan lab theory, other than as a passing comment about what others are saying?? NEVER. The entire time I have been solid on Ft Detrik as the source of the corona virus, which was horrible at first and blamed on e-cigarettes. Fortunately it rapidly mutated to something less harmful. Now there is proof it came from Ft Detrik. WE HAVE PROOF. And as usual (not as always, AS USUAL) I was right all along.

Here it is.

China is not innocent, they knew about this which is why they had their own "vax" rtg, and a genocide rtg. But the source was Ft Detrik.

I was wrong about Jedi Shaman however, as a result of absolutely fraudulent MSM coverage. He actually was not CIA.

SURPRISE SURPRISE!! Fraudulent MSM reporting led to a huge surprise, Jedi Shaman was a good guy!!!

He was not there to raise trouble at all, he clearly conveyed the message that Trump told everyone to go home, before the capitol was even entered.

I got into the Tutanota box after not being able to access it for a while and thanks to Claudia's bug, everything changed.

All the damning mails are gone and are replaced with a whole bunch of sweetness claiming "she only wants to get along" and "I'll help you get a place to rent BACKDATED TO DAY ONE, ALL THE WAY BACK IN JULY/AUGUST. How the hell did that happen??? I have been set up to look like the worst a-hole, all she has to do is show someone the mails and "prove" she never did what she did!!! And I am not familiar with how mails can just be written over like that and changed once they are locked in, unless you have server side access, then it is easy . . . . who the hell did that??? Here is my response:
Well well, you have done a good job of editing this box. Your mail about getting Michelle MRNA vaxxed is gone. And you're so sweet, offering places to rent and to help me and so much more . . . . . bet that really helped you fake it with the church, such an angel!!! And I abandoned you, RIGHT???
Did you show the org that box, which you lied about and said I never communicated with you, EVER, somewhat of an "oops, I forgot, we WERE communicating but you can just forget that lie, he's trash anyway, look, I am obviously so sweet in the mails and the needle agrees!!!" or did you just show it to the family to "prove how good you are" and keep the org separate?
How much has your "christian friend" who's really a Jew coached you at being evil? How many alternative minds are you running in parallel so you can "cry for real" when needed, and then lie with aplomb? One thing is certain: I am sure you look good!!!
So, did you shitcan the piano? the Nikon? the projector? how about the freezers? the rifles? the microscope? the tools? the solar setup? Did I abandon all of that including Michelle without being threatened?? Why on earth would I tell everyone to stop donating if you did not steal the money for my arm? Saw your fake financial outlay, I bet you showed everyone "how generous you were" with that . . . . . and my arm is now crippled but I know you don't give a shit.
By the way, all the music you could hear me play on the piano in the park was copyrighted and registered in the library of congress in 1999. The CD said 2001, but that was to make it look current on the release date and is irrelevant anyway, barcoded and all, good luck if I hear that shit playing on the radio again with some girl singing it like I already have. Did your "christian friend" record it and steal it??? Maybe not, but it is suspicious and when I figure out who it is I'm just going to sign the copyright over to a lawyer to make it his, and tell him to "go get his money" and walk away . . . . .
The ORG was very interested in me the other day and Dany was anything but "clear". Consequences. Good job with that, (Marco is largely responsible) but your lying ass did not help ONE BIT. I hope clearwater closes that org, due to the fallout of what you did to me. They did not just drop the ball with this, Patricia is completely innocent but the rest threw that ball (and me) under a bus. WTF is going on there?

To Clearwater, and whoever else:

On Sunday, July 15 2022 at 6 AM, Claudia threw me out of the house under threat of arrest on violence charges if I did not simply walk away and abandon everything permanently. I was to never speak to her family again, speak to the scouts again, go to the org again OR ELSE. She demanded me to give her the key and never return. I refused to give her the key and ended up giving it to Marco along with an extensive write up about what happened. There is no conceivable way in hell he did not know, yet when I returned to the org months later, he claimed I never told him anything. He's obviously therefore in on what Claudia has done to me, probably with the hope of completely wiping me out because of this site.
Claudia claims I abandoned her and all my stuff. The reality is that when casting me out, she said "I am not going to give you any chance to be good, if you ever approach me for anything at all you're toast. She then went over how I "totally destroyed her credit" which did not make sense at all because we were never late for a single payment on anything in 10 years, I PAID IT ALL including a normal visa and a gold card and all the loans, I was SPOT ON PERFECT. I knew that if she was going to lie like that, she was dangerous and really would not be approachable for anything at all.
Claudia claims I abandoned, (without reason, just because I'm crazy trash): This is going to be a long list, which will prove she's lying all by itself, no one would walk away from this without a serious threat: (list not complete because it is impossible to get it complete)
This was MY STUFF, not stuff for the house, (I would have automatically given her all the stuff for the house)
1. My daughter.
2. All my backups for this web site.
3. All the computers used for this web site, including multiple laptops and desktops including a high end Ryzen.
4. All the data backups for every song I ever produced, every photo I ever took, everything I ever wrote, who the hell would just walk away from that??
5. Cameras for the site, including a Nikon P-900 and others.
6. A Kurzweil Mark Pro 3i piano that had been modded to be a fully functional DAW with a 20 inch screen on top of its already enormous value. Billy Joel toured with that one, embedded in a grand piano he took the strings out of and played the Kurzweil instead. who the hell would walk away from that, absent a serious threat??
7 An Acer X152H full HD projector that was for "business use" that did not get used.
8. A pair of Eminence Kappa Pro 15A drivers NIB.
9. A pair of Eminence Kappa 15 A drivers (American standard) NIB
10. 4 Eminence PSD 2002 drivers, NIB, labeled Prosound, by Eminence.
11. A nice DJ amplifier I built from scratch.
12. A decent set of DJ speakers that could not handle the Eminence drivers.
13. An absolutely mint condition Mendoza Nitro Safari air rifle with scope.
14. A far less expensive Beeman silver Kodiak with dual barrel setup and scope.
15. Enough high quality tools to run a fully outfitted mechanics garage including 2 scanners (an alt income plan preparation, just in case)
16. A decent arc welder.
17. A decent air compressor with impact wrenches, nail drivers, etc.
18. A 7.5 horsepower water pump purchased for gold prospecting.
19. A fully working motorized gold shaker for dry areas. This was an alt income plan I never mentioned on the site.
20. 2 freezers purchased exclusively for the sale of ice cream and popsicles, which was an alt income plan that actually made good money.
21. 2 stainless steel 40 position popsicle molds.
22. A giant 10,000 watt pure sine wave inverter purchased as part of a solar panel system to make the ice cream business cheaper to run.
23. A 60 amp MPPT solar charge controller and 1000 watts of panels plus a deep cycle battery bank. Not set up, because it was all purchased right when we got robbed so we moved and the new house was not good for accomodating it all. But it was there.
24. Two 1500 watt modified sine inverters used to make it possible to administer this web site during power outages.
25. 4 12 volt battery chargers, a 40 amp and 3 5 amp chargers for quick charging and battery maintenance without the panels in place.
26. A gasoline powered cement mixer.
27. A pressure washer.
28. An Omax laboratory quality microscope with adjustable iris, dark field, and camera.
29 A digital storage oscilloscope.
30. A collection of multimeters.
31. A 48 inch table saw. A chain saw.
32. A rotozip.
33. A digital caliper
34. An angle grinder.
35. A nice tap and die set.
36. A reciprocating saw, a drill.
37. Enough antibiotics purchased as preps to treat any infection in a survivalist community numbering approximately 100 people for at least 10 years including brain infections, bone infections, the whole 9 yards. That was a prize. How did I get that? Answer: How do I run this site, and get some of the stuff I post here? Hint: You can purchase antibiotics without a prescription damn near anywhere for a cut rate price because the elite want free access at all times, but you gotta know the secret. I (surprisingly) got the secret from a Jewish dentist.
38. A 2015 Dodge Attitude, top model, showroom condition, identical to 2022 model and no one knew the difference, top value.
39. A 2008 Fiat Palio Adventure.
40. 2 excellent mountain bikes

Side note: I am leaving out the TV's, appliances and whatever else Claudia could remotely justify taking, including the furniture and only listing what was obvious theft, I should have gotten one of the cars.

41. ALL MY CLOTHES, except what I was wearing at the time.
42. An enormous pile of food preps.
43. A very nice commercial scale.
44. A high end short wave radio in case countries got cut off the web but could still communicate via shortwave.
45. Concrete working tools, including chisels, sledgehammers, shovels, trowels
46. A nice Nylon guitar.
47. A nice steel guitar with amplifier.
48. A decent touch sensitive Casio keyboard I loaned to her sister and don't want back.
49. An infrared temperature gun
50. A beautiful daughter who thinks I abandoned her when really I was forced out and away under life-ending threat. Claudia will definitely call the cops and fake something the second she thinks she could get away with it and how long would I last in a Mexican jail?. The pictures of the killing of that circ du soleil acrobat were shocking, but not online anymore, walls coated with blood from repeated bashing, the picture at the link was not accurate, he was white and got busted for doing a street performance . . . . . what happened to him is literally what I face with Claudia now no matter how nice she seems to play . . . . . and for as long as she remains a "beast mode" liar, I can bank on it.
There's obviously lots more stuff I lost that I can't think of right now.

Claudia has informed me that a majority of my stuff was thrown straight in the trash. She might have actually done that.

Question: How can Claudia bitch about "not being supported" when she stole and subsequently "threw away" all that shit she could have sold? To top it all off, I was supporting her very well financially, even after she did that until NOV 1, when I decided to totally cut my income off over her stealing the money for my arm surgery. She was using this site to "slave me out" and that irritated me, and after I did not get my surgery and got stuck with a crippled arm I popped. She wants to bitch about "getting nothing now" when on top of the above, she sold the land for damn near fractional value and took every last penny. That money was enough to still sustain her NOW if she was in any way careful, on top of which she received additonal support, and my entire lifetime of assets. If she blew all that, well, I at least deserve more recovery time before she has any right to bitch.
Other things Claudia got that I paid for, except for a TV she won: I won't argue about. 1. The main refrigerator, a nice whirlpool.
2. the microwave.
3. the juicer, two blenders, a slow cooker and all the other kitchen stuff.
4. A new wooden kitchen table with six chairs. Nice setup.
5. A new sofa, love seat, and chair.
6. 3 televisions, a DVD, a blu-ray and a big collection of legit movies.
7. The beds.
8. All the other furniture including a household library loaded with shit ( most of the books were hers to begin with). Her list will seem shorter but it's literally "the price is right" winnings.
9. Nice home theater speakers I had before I knew her that were still perfect, powerful enough for a block party. They were not the usual. Claudia took everything, including everything I had before I even knew her.
10. That beautiful nativity set I had pictured on the site several times during christmas plus all other christmas decorations.
11. Do I need to mention she got to keep her clothes that I paid for?
12. A decent lenovo laptop.
13. One of the cars (plus the other, which was absolutely wrong) both of which I paid for.
14. The washer.
15. All the camping stuff including several tents, a propane stove, a big tank.
16. A Umarex air rifle with scope I bought for her.
It is pointless to line item list it all, you know what I mean (I was more thorough with my stuff)

But Claudia worked too, so she paid for half of that stuff, right??? NO.

Except for the first 4 years, where Clauida paid half the rent, she paid nothing at all. Her pay got cut and after that, 100 percent of whatever she made she kept entirely for herself, PLUS received money from me for her food her food, our food was kept separate by her decree and clothes and medical, and absolutely none of it was for me, we bought our food separately as dictated by Claudia. I cooked for myself until right at the end her mom moved in and Claudia had to make a show. She pulled her move on me while her mom was on her death bed in the hospital so her mom could not defend me. Additionally, she never bought a single item for the house, everything from the pictures on the wall to the sheets on the bed to the mop were paid for by me. Everything she had prior was replaced with better stuff I bought and in the end there was one computer desk, a book shelf in the library and two tables she made as a volunteer in mexico city in the house, the rest of it was stuff I paid for. The last two years she did not work at all. She cannot make the case that "she paid for half of it", literally, she paid for NONE OF IT. It all came from the site and alt income plans that I worked and stuff I had before I met her.

To Clearwater: You have a "scientologist" that was perfectly OK with burning someone to ash, PLUS AN ORG THAT IS SUCH A PIECE OF SHIT IT NEVER CALLED HER OUT ON IT. I am angry with that org, especially Marco who received something very similar to what I just wrote here along with the key to the house and did absolutely nothing at all. And I bet he did not even file it because he's probably CIA doing a job. Policy requires all such writeups to be permanently filed, especially when handed to someone like Marco. In that writeup I even told him to get the microscope and give it to Patricia because Patricia had great ethics and was educated enough to not destroy it and perhaps her chemistry major husband might find a use for it. Upon talking to her later, NOPE Not even a mention of it. THE WRITE UP. WHERE IS IT? no where to be found I'd bet, because the org is a POS. The org was great when PePe ran it!!!

Now she's playing all nice and friendly, and "nothing at all happened, but I'll help you any way you want, even after you totally abandoned me while I was great." I hope she dies before she gets any chance to repent. I used every last mental and monetary resource I could possibly muster to save her from her cancer, only to get bashed to the other side of the shit basin like this. And she's still playing the victim after receiving enough assets to sustain her for years via selloff while I grovel for pesos on the street. She's one evil bitch now regardless of how it happened, and she's getting away with it.
BTW, I don't want either of the cars at this point because I am so far into the shitter I have no place to put it without it getting stripped. The rest of the stuff is probably vapor now.
When did Claudia go rogue? It all started when I spent money on better clothes for myself (I dressed like sh*t because she'd get mad when I looked good) but finally, about a year before it all exploded I bought nice clothes and that put pressure on things. I also tried to learn Spanish which put more pressure on her. But what really accelerated things is when I became more involved with the church, and built scientologyleon.org .com and .net for the org. she got so damn jealous she damn near smoked and DID NOT, under any circumstances, want me to become prominent there. I was about to, and that's when the plug got pulled. Marco probably played into that also, if he was CIA he sure as hell could not let a white hat gain influence and it was weird because that site worked perfect everywhere except inside the org, where it would not work at all. Marco???. I quit on the site after Claudia threw me out, it is not complete.

What caused me to pop, and write all that? THE TUTANOTA BOX, WHICH I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO ACCESS FOR MONTHS.

I got into it and discovered tons and tons of pillow soft mails from Claudia in the place of demands and "I got Michelle the MRNA shot". How the hell did that happen? Claudia can't do server side changes like that, she had help, from who?? and now she's got e-mail "proof" of how awesome she is. I had to speak up, I had to.

What?? Is the CIA pulling her aside for sessions with eletric brain manipulators and flashing lights or what??? then re-writing history in her favor??? I know Marco dropped the ball, but there's more to this story than that.

Google engineer fired for discovering Google's AI was actually sentient

From video of the actual test, it seems so.

Opinion: The US has crossed the line and is now bothering Russia too much.

It is clear the people who have turned the US into a zombie state carrying a chain saw want to go all the way, they are not backing off on Ukraine and now even AWACS are providing support to Ukranian forces. The war is on, there's no way to escape that reality now.

This nuclear attack warning message really was broadcast in Russia

This was supposed to have been a cyberattack now but I sort of doubt it, I think it was government sponsored to put people on edge.
An actual attack message would not look like that. Some of it might look like that with the old style televisions but with the current tech the screen shifting is not possible because there's no horizontal or vertical sync, the current screens simply dump all pixels at once. Also, if there was a glitch bad enough to show background code, that system would be down, it would not fade back in.
Conclusion: cute theatrics, and though it is significant that this happened at all, in a real attack with modern hardware everything would stay crystal clear and completely stable and then simply blink out. The new stuff either works or does not work, there's no middle ground.
I remember there used to be nuclear bomb shelters publicly available to all Americans but they started being closed in the 80's and don't exist at all anymore. Russia enhanced theirs, if a warning goes out on time and people have even five minutes to run to one, not many Russians will die. In the US you would have needed at least 15 minutes to get to one even when they were common and now there's no place to go at all. I wonder who arranged that scenario . . . .

A few quick items -

SOTN: The greatest success in the history of alt media (I agree)

The destruction of Western civilization started after the production and use of nuclear weapons. And I'd like to make a suggestion as to why.

There's probably a habitable zone set up on Saturn, and "they" don't want us visiting them with nukes.

Did I read this anywhere? NO. But for what reason would the likes of George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and in general, the greater Jewish community want this civilization wiped out completely, so far gone that the ethics and education methods are eradicated as well? Seems to me that under circumstances most are aware of, excluding any outside reason, they'd want this civilization to advance as much as possible so they can go off-planet too. Why would they be doing everything they can to destroy and demonize the white race and prevent it? A POSSIBLE ANSWER: The hexagram on Saturn.
I doubt many Jews would have been told that there's a base there, but all it would take is for a few inhabitants of Saturn to come to earth, mingle with the people, manipulate things, get put in charge of the most influential groups, and then manipulate the Jews into doing their dirty work so the nuclear threat is done away with in the name of their own "global security".
Con artists have explained Saturn's hexagram as a weather anomaly, and something "natural". That's pure unadulterated bullshit, that hexagram is caused, if there was anything natural about it we'd have, at least once, seen a perfectly formed hexagram on earth also and it has never happened. The bottom line is that if anyone using Jewish symbolism, perhaps not even Jewish, simply using Jewish style symbolism set a habitable zone up that was a creation of theirs, why not have it be a hexagram? The Jews incorporate hexagrams into damn near everything they can think of, and are morally split from the rest of humanity sufficiently to destroy it with abject zeal. They'd be a natural choice for an off-world entity to use for doing dirty work.
Crazy? Or enough to make you think? If Western civilization had not been stopped, people would have been to Saturn by now, we did after all have nuclear rockets on the drawing board SINCE 1955 that would have worked well enough by expelling the propellant mass at far greater speed and force than anything we have now, many times more potent than anything we were allowed to have . . . .
This writeup on nuclear rockets is a load of hogwash that totally conceals the actual possible time line, written to pacify those who have been screaming about this for decades. It will never happen, there were the same articles in the 1960's and 1970's, "2001, a space odyssey," with HAL the computer was done in the 1960's and had a space ship with this system, a ship which could have happened easily on the time scale that movie claimed but somehow became as elusive as Iran's nuclear weapons, always "2 weeks away", never to be seen. And it won't be seen, EVER, most likely because someone off planet does not want us having that.
2001, a Space Odyssey was so accurate and forward looking that it had tablet computers IDENTICAL to what we have now, right down to the correct navigation buttons that ended up on most smartphones and all tablets. Update: the buttons have been switched to not match now, (like so many things mandela) but the concept still shows well enough, The rest of the movie was not a screw up, it should have happened and did not, why?
Now the white male is under a vicious assault and has been under that assault in earnest, in the universities, since the early 90's. Why? Because white males invented rockets. White males invented nukes. White males invented computers, cars, airplanes and damn near everything else, so if white males have the ability to threaten your world with nukes, white males must be destroyed.
It just might all be as simple as that.

Biden: "They had to take the top of my head off a couple times to see if I had a brain

Maybe he's not a clone, because this is not something a body double would ever say, and surprisingly, this is actually accurate. Biden has had multiple brain surgeries to remove aneurisms and is actually doing quite well considering that, however this does not excuse Hunter, Ukraine and China, the guy's dirt and no operation caused it. This is still in the viral category though.
Biden needs to be careful because he's had so many gaffes that people don't know if they should laugh at the "joke" or not.
Oldie but goodie: Ill tempered Mexican hillbilly plays "sleepy Joe Biden" game while being bothered by his mutant cat. CAUTION, loud soundtrack.


I am getting sick of the lies about "covid escaping a wuhan lab"

Covid was developed by the Pentagon and released near Ft Detric Maryland. The first people that got the non-mutated real deal had their lungs "fill up with glass" and it all got blamed on e-cigarettes. Anyone remember that? How e-cigs got blamed??? That happened MONTHS before there was any mention at all about a lab in Wuhan, and when it was mentioned, there were 7 total variants in the U.S. with only 3 variants in China. That again proves the virus was released in the US, and the Pentagon had a "vax" ready to go. Only it was not a vax, it was the second kill wave shot.
It is obvious America's own government wanted whatever it was to spread by blaming e-cigarettes at first, and at "the right time" they were going to suddenly announce it was in fact a new virus, to scare the hell out of the public, people really were supposed to be dying in droves everywhere. But the mutations castrated the virus, it failed early on and that saved everyone who was smart enough to realize not enough people were dying to justify a shot.

MIT Professor Retsef Levi: "I got vaccinated and I regret it every day."

The vax genie is out of the bottle. He says it like it is: The vax was a con job that damaged or destroyed everyone who took it. This video was censored via this method, they don't want this spreading because this guy is level 10 credibility. If he's saying this, it's doom on.

I found a way around that via a Russian connection, the video did indeed exist but I was denied access. Here it is.

Keep in mind: This is a Jew speaking in Israel, that's why there is a translation. Either he's faking being hurt to shift the blame away from the Jews, or the Jews were not spared. I think he's shifting the blame. Wait and see I guess . . . . .

This video can be saved with a right click and re-posted, I am serving it from here.

Keep in mind that if he's being honest never forget how arrogant these types of douche bags were and how many lives they destroyed while pushing their arrogance and also consider that they are still pushing this shot where they have not been forcibly shut down. No one could ever overestimate how evil those still pushing the shot are, no one is that stupid anymore and they destroyed countless careers of people proven to be a hell of a lot more intelligent than they were, - people who gave up everything to avoid the shot.

RUMOR: Project Lazarus genocide coverup

No more "Tiffany Dovers"

There is a rumor going around, supposedly started by a facebook engineer (working via the new name Meta) who claims a new AI is in the final stages and it's sole purpose is to cover up genocide. This new AI tracks the style and frequency of posts from users, so when they vanish it can auto generate new posts that make the person indistiguishably look like they are still alive, including aging, education progression, the whole 9 yards.
People using social media will be fooled by the AI and will not notice the crowd is thinning out and they probably won't figure it out until they themselves "die suddenly" or hear a knock at the door, and they probably won't figure out what happened to everyone on Facebook even then.
Think about it - for what other reason would facebook want to fake and obscure the fact that account users have vanished? Sure, you could say it's all economics and fake accounts might be possible to convert to cash, but if fake is all they want, they would not need to go through all the trouble of imitating real people, it would be easier to simply fake up new members from scratch. In fact, it would be a LOT easier to simply generate entirely fake people than to have to deal with millions of families saying "How is my deceased loved one still posting"? Unless that won't be an issue because entire circles of association are to be wiped out, like the communists in Russia did it -
After the bolshevik revolution, Russian communists managed the vanishing of people by killing entire families and all associates, so no one asked questions. This obviously took a lot of work because they had to figure out how to delete people by killing everyone without making it obvious while still maintaining a population that could carry forward. Nowadays, AI is going to assist in carrying out such a program with precision and it will be easy to do, because nowadays all people do is flick their phones, they, outside of work, don't actually know anyone face to face. And AI, which studied them constantly, can just keep right on posting and "maintaining relationships" without the disappearance ever being noticed. An AI can also manage family communications so meeting "face to face at christmas" can be delayed forever.
The people being deleted can simply be replaced by immigrants so neighborhoods don't empty out, in the end there will be only a few non-threatening bottom feeders left, musing at how all the homes around them filled up with foreigners. Relatives who happen to drop by will be left hanging, wondering what the hell happened, like the disappearance of "wally world" and if they raise enough of a stink, they can be eliminated also.

An ai that continues posting, creating perfect fakes of people that have been vanished is now probably the biggest threat we face, I believe it will happen and genocide will never be easier.

"The AI is truly remarkable. It's able to study an individual, create and store an entire lifetime of fictional holidays, meals, relationships and anything else that individual would be expected to post. This data is all stored and deployed by the AI on a schedule that makes sense for that individual. There are some tells that insiders can see that give away if it's the AI or a real person. Some of our work has been to eliminate those tells to make the AI as convincing as possible even to the people who are closest to the subject. We've done really great work but there's still some things that exist that the AI doesn't get right. I can probably post an example or two. I guess that could be considered proof and those are well known enough that it would be difficult to trace to me.
- One of the initial live tests were to create 50 fictitious people. The goal was to make these 50 people new hires at Meta and have them interact and build online relationships with other employees who were completely unaware that these 50 people didn't actually exist. By adding them as friends and giving a few pieces of starter content it was easy to get the ball rolling for other employees outside of our project to start adding the AI generated people as friends also and start interacting with them. These 50 generated accounts were not based off of real individuals so the results were wild. The AI came up with stuff that ranged from absolutely hilarious to completely horrifying. I guess that's pretty accurate for the human experience. That's more along the lines of a traditional bot but it goes to a much deeper level than a bot just reposting the current talking point. It's when we added to it live data on real individuals that things truly took off. It's astoundingly accurate with reproducing real individuals."

An NBC reporter went to Crimea and reported the truth

Then Ukraine put him on an officially published kill list

NBC reporter Keir Simmons went to Crimea, where the people constantly told him they view themselves as Russian and support Putin, and Simmons actually had the guts to tell the truth and broadcast it repeatedly. Now Ukraine wants him dead and put him on an officially published kill list. I guess the MSM might have a few good reporters in it, fully vetted to make sure this never happens and yet it happened.
I said this repeatedly at the beginning of Russia's invasion - that Crimea was constantly attacked by Ukraine for wanting to be a part of Russia and that's the entire reason Russia went into Ukraine to begin with. Then the rest of the conflict, which had some amazingly nasty moments buried this.

East Palestine:

I told you so! This was something I nailed totally accurately from the beginning, when no one else was reporting it. If you want to read today's news, go back to what I posted weeks ago. It had to play out that way, it had to. And I am not going to repeat myself by saying what is happening now.
One thing I did not know weeks ago however, was that this attack was planned at least 8 months ago and it is easily proven. TimTruth found something absolutely damning - that 8 months ago a highly flammable railcar was parked on a side spur and left to sit exactly where the derailment happened and it went up in flames when the government intentionally lit the fires. The derailment was not a crash and burn, it was a crash with one car leaking and no flames at all until our own government intentionally blew up ALL the railcars that had the toxic stuff, PLUS lit the railcar that had been parked there for 8 months and was not on any cargo manifest. What was in it, and why on earth did the government light that one on fire too? It was still sitting there fine, nothing hit it at all but it was close enough to the derailment to look like it was part of it.
Additionally, that car was parked immediately by drain pipes that took the leaking materials and dumped them straight into a nearby reservoir that drained into waterways that led all the way to the mississippi, thus making the disaster exponentially worse. That did not happen by chance, those were the only such drain pipes for miles and miles, and they were right in the middle of the action and that car was parked perfectly aligned with them. There's no way that was coincidence

I find the way TimTruth did this video to be extremely annoying, however, it is a blockbuster anyway. You only need to watch 1 minute of this to get all the info, at least he dumped it all in the beginning. It is an awesome find, he does not need to keep repeating and repeating and repeating to convince people it's legit when it so obviously is.


What kind of toxic crap was in that car? We won't be told that, because it was not on the shipping manifest. East Palestine might be far more poisoned than we'll ever know.

Two Iranian warships docked in Brazil

That's a surprise to me, I did not think Iran had anything that could go that far without a tow!!!

No doubt about it, Biden is the "chosenite's choice"

Banana republic ALL THE WAY.

The Pentagon knows Biden is hiding classified documents that show he made deals with the taleban that hurt US troops and put the Taleban in control. This proves that everyone was right about the Taleban being an American institution, set up to provide something to fight against, killing American troops in the process. This type of thing only happens in banana republics, the fact that the United States was strong enough to survive such corruption for a considerable time changes nothing, banana republic ALL THE WAY.

Mexican president Obrador did what needed to be done to stop Mexican elections from being stolen

I am not going to bother with what news outlets are saying because they are all corrupt. And I have (cautiously, very cautiously) said this in the past. I'll be a little less cautious now.
The INE (Mexico's electoral commission) got infiltrated a couple decades ago by the same group that steals elections in the United States. This caused Obrador to lose two previous presidential elections he rightfully won. This time around, the vote was so overwhelmingly in his favor that no matter how they tried to steal it, it could not be done, like when Trump won. The United States obviously is more advanced in corruption so they simply outright stole 2020 right out in the open and depended on corrupted courts, fluoride, and zoloft to get away with it. They succeeded, the American people are now so drugged out they just sat down and took it.
- ANYWAY -  
Obrador was concerned with the future of Mexico (especially after the Corona fraud, which he pushed back against better than any other world leader) - He was so concerned that after a probable very deep investigation of INE, he cleaned house and got rid of the portions and people who steal the elections in Mexico. Obviously the MSM is pissed, because the people who run CNN, FOX and practically all Mexican outlets are the same people who steal the elections.

FACT: An "attack on democracy" as defined by K-dom is: "any attempt to get the actual will of the general population represented, doing so is not "fair" to the ultimate superior group, one which, after undermining Egypt well enough to cause collapse, got expelled and then walked around the desert staring at a snake on a stick; mourning about what they "lost". . REAL SLAVES, AS CLAIMED would not have been released, they would have been killed, forget the "miracles", the only likely gripe they had was that they had to work for a living, like any other Egyptian.

I hate to say it, but the proof is in the eating, look at how that group acts now, they just tried to murder us with a poison shot and have literally enslaved America and Europe and totally enslaved China, I doubt Egypt was the other way around!! Word on the street is that all the top leaders in China including Xi are "them" but that might only be hearsay . . . . might.

. . . "Might, because: Why would the Chinese people be permitted to elevate Jews to such a high status in a communist country??? Why would Xi permit that??


as far as I see it, he saved Mexico from going off a cliff. Who knows if he knows who his real opponents are when the entire world is not allowed to say it without serious retribution but he might know, he's far from stupid - in fact brilliant, and I hope he cleaned house well enough to give Mexico six more good years. FACT: Obrador is the one who did not accept payoffs or sell the Mexican people out for future prowess. Obrador was the one who had the backbone plus the ethics to at least try to put things right. OBRADOR OUT-TRUMPED TRUMP, BECAUSE HE ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING TO "DRAIN THE SWAMP".
Back to exodus -

Now, don't get me wrong here, I think the old testament Bible is in fact the word of god, but it has probably been slanted very favorably towards the agendas of the most evil people on earth, who rejected the TRUE MESSAGE - what Jesus sent, because they'd rather live in the corruption their past fantasy justifies. If they did not write fantasy, what would Jesus have been needed for? He came to fix their bullshit!!!

HMMMMMMMMM . . . . . . . .

If you are from the "correct background" you don't need to be corona vaxxed!!!

Two words: Population. Replacement.

This is actually VERY IMPORTANT, watch to the end.


Take a look at this job request. Does this indicate something nefarious is afoot or what???

I got messed with while posting the following, so I know it is spot on

They locked up the browser while I was entering text, and that's the first time that has ever happened. I managed to save a portion of this by pasting a large section I had copied already into a text editor.

If you ever wanted a lesson in how Jews take people out, this is it, right here.

I have probably pieced together the final answer on Claudia and what happened

It was a multi pronged attack.
1. The Jews, knowing where we lived, decided they would set up neighborhood parties for our housing division. The parties were extremely well funded and free to attend. I wondered how on earth they could ever be done, and wondered who was paying for all that.
2. They knew Claudia was into health supplements because of the cancer, so they set up a table with a Jewish woman who pretended to be a "christian", loaded with health supplements to attract Claudia. The woman hooked Claudia right in, and soon they were "friends".
When Claudia had her over the first time, I told Claudia "That woman is evil, and if you allow her into your life, our family will be quickly destroyed. The woman started mentally coaching Claudia, and Claudia was resistant, but-
During the surgery Claudia was probably permanently drugged, and that's when she broke down and that damn kike took over her life. At this time, I think plants in the scientology org also made their move. The "christian woman" spun Claudia's head on backwards so badly that Claudia was constantly going into the org for "handlings" where most likely what I said happened there happened to support the work the Jewish woman on the outside was doing. The two main people who probably assisted in taking Claudia down were the org manager I have named here before, who, I figured out before he was assigned his role, has a Jewish wife and is probably also a Jew, and one of the auditors. From what I heard, the new manager who took over has "wealthy relatives" that take care of all his expenses and give him nice cars so he can "work for free" and I'll define "wealthy relatives" as Maryland because that's exactly how th CIA funds it's plants who have to explain where they get their money with "no job." That's a good way to recieve a fat check out of "nowhere". I don't believe his background story.
Claudia then transformed into an absolute beast mode liar, hell bent on destroying me and this web site across the board. She has to have been coached, because she was never a liar before but now she's 100 percent fabrication of everything, and so convincing, and I MEAN CONVINCING, so convincing that when, at the door on July 15 at 6AM she gave her spiel while casting me out, even to me what she said was convincing when I knew from experience it was all lies. I knew right then and there I was completely doomed because there's no way anyone who did not know the truth would ever sort things out. She spewed perfect lies and came off as absolute truth.
The Jews fake being "christian" all the time, They fooled Michael Jackson with Elizabeth Taylor, a "lifelong christian" who was promptly buried in a Jewish cemetary before her christian funeral and burial which was fronted and "planned" even happened. The entire time through all of this Claudia kept one quirk - "I need to be careful so the Jews don't take advantage of this situation". NEWS: They caused it. They paid for the parties in the park, and trapped Claudia with a pillow soft "friend" who was really a mind warping demon freak who coached her on how to be truly evil, while Claudia was drugged after a surgery, and I believe the final nail was a compromised org and probable bugged e-meter.
The takedown was so complete that every single aspect of my life was destroyed. Every single posession taken. She even tried to take this site but I never saved the passwords at the most root location so she whined and bitched to the host but failed to take it despite having all of my administration hardware. She then made sure every single contact I ever had was "informed" so they hate me, right down to the guy who cuts my hair, and even the manager of the place, all the way down to a damn shoe store. Any place I ever bought anything got informed, and more, with bugs planted in my cell phone (at first, it did not take long to figure out, Claudia took the money people sent her plus what she stole and liquidated and used it to pay for notifications sent to people on their cell phones everywhere I walked while trying to do the "welding". It was so bad that I could hear on the street from inside homes "that's HIM, BE CAREFUL" and several even ran out of their homes and screamed at me "eres mala" when I had never been in the area or even knew who the hell they were. I solved the problem by never bringing the cell phone ANYWHERE, that stopped it immediately but the areas where it happened have remained ruined. In other areas I am well liked and considered #1.

So while she cries about "not being supported" consider the fact that she's still trying to ruin me and make it impossible for me to give her anything. True, she's literally been disabled, yes, she's a victim of something but it sure as hell was not me.

Steal the money for my arm surgery??? Come on now, Claudia was not like that!!! What happened? She got "kiked" in the head, that's what.



Without question, the "tech" does indeed work and will catch a liar when people are competent!!! ____________________________

Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!